Ep. 124. Stop walking on the egg shell – handling high functional mental illness people


[Forgotten Egypt II] Nefertiti – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 “The prince hasn’t been back to his personal chambers to care for his royal wife in months!” Ay barged into Tiye’s chamber, furious with the news Kiya had told him. You would think…

Ep. 123. The lesson of letting go.


[Forgotten Egypt II] Nefertiti – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Blood! That was the only thing Nefertiti saw in the dim light. She was soaking in a pool of blood and Thutmose and her mother were lying beside her, countless other bodies she…

Ep. 122. Poor me syndrome. (Don’t cry how poor you are if you want to be rich!)


Ep. 121. The story of a hummingbird


Ep. 120. How do you cure yourself from past life’s pain?


Ep. 119. Coffee break – creating ‘grit’ in life


Ep. 118. The lesson in reincarnation – Jealousy


[Forgotten Egypt II] Nefertiti – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Amenhotep was certain that he didn’t like to find her in the secret chamber, especially when the entire greater chamber was made accessible to her. He didn’t think she would be comfortable in…