[Forgotten Egypt I] Nefayiati – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Jared felt obligated to visit Nefayiati’s mother. After all, he believed he was the reason Nefayiati was in the Palace. Servants in Pharaoh’s chamber could not come out of the Palace without any…

Ep. 79. My psychic perspective of Eczema


Ep. 78. Friday Coffee Break – The best way to revenge someone…


[Forgotten Egypt I] Nefayiati – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Nefayiati was not sure how long Jared had been waiting for her, but he looked like he had been waiting all night by the riverbank. She arrived fairly early that day because she…

Ep. 77. The key to happiness is…


Ep. 76. Everyday, we are given chance to be whom we truly want to be


Ep. 75. I may be a good psychic, but definitely not a good medium


[Forgotten Egypt I] Nefayiati – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 What is he so upset about? Nefayiati kept her eyes on Jared while they left the Queen’s chamber. She saw his angry expression and felt how tight he held her wrist. He walked…

Ep. 74. Friday Coffee Break – What is love?


Ep. 73. Dream Talk