[Forgotten Egypt I] Nefayiati – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Jared was on his way to rescue Nefayiati and her mother from the pursuit of the guards when he suddenly stopped and had a realization. He had been wasting too much time in…

Ep. 110. Perception and expectation


Ep. 109. How can I keep my child safe from disturbing spirits?


Ep. 108 The conflict between blueprint and manifesting your reality


[Forgotten Egypt I] Nefayiati – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Nefayiati spent quite some time piecing her emotions back together. She tried to run away from the Palace before anyone discovered Thutmose’s body. She could have gone to Tiye and demanded her reward…

[Forgotten Egypt I] Nefayiati – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Thutmose had been pressing his lips to suppress his emotions and holding her hand so tightly like he was afraid to let go. He led her directly back to his own chamber before…

[Forgotten Egypt I] Nefayiati – Chapter 14

Chapter 14 “When did this happen?” Tiye’s voice thundered throughout the chamber. No one dared to make a sound, because no one had ever seen the Queen that upset before. They believed anything they said…

Ep. 107. Good guy vs bad buy


[Forgotten Egypt I] Nefayiati – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Thutmose didn’t send anyone after her. By the time Nefayiati went back to his chamber, it was already dark outside with the moonlight shining across the pathway. She should be grateful that he…

Ep. 106. When tragedy happens…